Mild traumatic brain injury and Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Hello everyone- Dr. Ingalls here, just wanted to share a few thing on a condition we are seeing a lot more of coming through the door at our office, this condition is called mild traumatic brain injury and is caused when there is a blow to the head causing the brain to suffer an impact injury, many concussions fit into this category as well.  Some symptoms associated with this type of injury are, brief loss of consciousness, this can happen immediately.  The long term effects may include loss of memory, brain fog, slurring of speech, vision problem, headaches, and in some cases dementia!  We also see some similar symptoms associated with neck injuries.

So what does this have to do with Genesis Family Chiropractic?

With the advancement in medical imaging, specifically the functional upright MRI we are now able to see similarities with individuals with this type of injury, some of these include: decrease in cerebral spinal flow, decrease in blood flow, pooling of cerebral spinal fluid at the base of the brain, decrease in the flow of the spinal fluid, tonsillar ectopia this is where the brain stem is actually being pulled down thought the base of the skull!

With Upper Cervical Chiropractic we are able to specifically diagnose this problem between the head and neck, this is called an Atlas Subluxation Complex, by correcting this problem we can see now on the functional MRI that it is actually increasing the flow of CSF and blood within the spinal cord, capable of relaxing the ligaments pulling on the base of the brain allowing it to lift back into the skull.  By correcting these issues we are seeing phenomenal results, decrease in overall pain, decrease in headache, decrease in brain fog, and as a great side effect some amazing postural changes as well.

It is important for anyone who has suffered even  a mild head or neck injury to be checked by and Upper Cervical professional ASAP this also includes babies, many of these subluxation complexes that we see began at birth.

The purpose for this post to to make people aware that what we are doing with the Upper Cervical Chiropractic is much more than getting folks out of pain.  It also shows that all of the body is connected and by correcting this specific misalignment we are allowing our bodies to function at a higher level!

Please if you are suffering or know someone who is, pass this information along to them and give me a call 605.334.0900, we also have a great intro to NUCCA on our home page and you can find that at

Thanks for choosing Genesis Family Chiropractic, your new beginning starts here!

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