My Story….

Ever wonder how Dr. Dustin fell in love with chiropractic? Here’s how!

It all began back when I was playing football as a junior in high school. I was a fairly good player on the gridiron and left it all out on the field. My accomplishment will speak for that, but that is another story. I want to tell you how that all changed in just a couple of seconds.

It was a running play, the hand off was going to me! I took the ball as if I would take it the distance, put my head down to make it through the defending line backers, and BOOM! I went head on with a middle linebacker, head to head! My arms immediately went numb and a severe stinging pain shot from my neck to my fingers and back up to my neck. I did come off the field for the rest of the half but would return.

That night I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my shoulder and a headache that I couldn’t shake! I didn’t want to tell anyone what was going on in fear that I might not be able to play football anymore. I had to finally break down and go into the MD who told me I had a mild concussion and stretched nerves in my neck. He also told me that if I were to keep playing it would more than likely happen again. He recommended I hang it up and move on…NOT an acceptable answer for me! I was however dating the local Chiropractors daughter who had been trying to get me to see him for as long as we were dating. My response was always what can he really do for me, crack my neck and make it all go away? “Common,” she responded, “its different. Just do it you’ll feel better.” Always looking out for me that one.

The pain intensified and the sleeping got worse my speech was even slurred in the morning and late it the day, reading in school was even becoming difficult. I had to do something, so I Caved and made an appointment with who would eventually become my father-in-law, Dr. Snyder.

The Consultation…..

He first sat me down across from him, awkward right, and began asking me questions about how I was feeling and accidents I might have had in the past. After that he said we will look at some things and then let you know what we can or even can’t do for you. Well no one else could help me so I figured this was a dead end as well.

The Exam….

He then had me follow him back to a room with an exam table and an x-ray machine. I was like wow!

He then had me stand and looked at my posture. He then looked at the length of my legs and somehow my left leg was like an inch shorter than my right, and my shoulders, hips, and neck were all twisted. I was like “great, here it comes.” But then he said I think we may be able to help you. “HOW?” I was thinking. He explained to me that he would need to take a very specific x-rays and that would allow him to see exactly what my misalignment was and then correct it. So he took the films and said that he would like me to come back the next day and go over the findings with me.

The next day…. The Report.

He took me back to the same room where we had been the day before and I see my x-rays lined up in front of me with all these lines and math on them. As I stared blankly at the pictures, he says “Son, do you want me to sugar coat this or just shoot you straight….?” I, of course said tell me how it is. He then went on to tell me what every line on the film meant and how he was going to correct it. Basically, my head was severely tipped off balance from my neck causing it to twist my entire spine! YIKES!

The Adjustment…..

Following the report he brought me over to his adjusting table, which sat about 8 inches off the floor, and said he would lie me down on my side, place my head on this goofy looking headpiece and make the correction. He did warn me that I would not feel very much…. Um okay, I thought. He then put his wrist on the side of my neck and I felt a little pressure, but nothing much, and he said okay son, that’s it. Confused and concerned I sat up and said “that’s it?” He said yup and then I followed him back to the x-ray room again where he took the same pictures he had taken the day before. He looked and them, drew on them and had me come back and look at the before and after x-rays. They went from crooked to straight! I was amazed that I could see what had happened.

The Results….!

That same afternoon I fell asleep and slept thru the whole night no headache or shoulder pain to wake me up. I remember being a little stiff the next day but he said that would be normal! Over the next couple of weeks my headaches went away and my vision became less shaky and I was able to focus enough to read again. The shoulder pain was gone for weeks! I was able to continue playing football and stack up a couple of awards my senior year, as well as play some college ball! It was an amazing experience that truly changed my life. I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life, give people the same experience as I had or better.

I then changed my plans for my life. I went to school to a become chiropractor, and I am now one of about 300 doctors in the world to practice the very specific technique called NUCCA! I did marry that chiropractors, beautiful daughter, her name is Ashley, and we now have five very well adjusted children. Oh…did I mention she is also a NUCCA doctor.

I tell my story because at one point in my life I was very skeptical and thought this was not real. But I tell you, when you are at the end of the line, not knowing what is next for you, you will need something. Some choose to cover up the pain or symptoms with medications, or in some cases alcohol or recreational drugs. Why not try something that is 100% natural, and the only side effect is an improvement in your overall health!

I have learned this technique from some of the best NUCCA Doctors in the country and I am blessed to share this opportunity to improve your health and bring this sought after very specific technique to the Sioux Falls area. If you can related to my story in any way please contact us to see how we can help, I look forward to connecting with you!

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