Winter tips from your Sioux Falls chiropractor

A friendly reminder from your Sioux Falls chiropractor. The snow is coming are you ready? We all tend to overdo it when that snow flies for the first time. Here are some quick tips that can keep your back in line while shoveling snow this winter.

Tip number one: push the snow try not to lift and throw the snow.

Tip number two: when lifting snow lift with your legs not your back.

Tip number three: if lifting the snow avoid twisting while throwing, and nasty mistake that will land you in my office.

Tip number four: wear shoes with good grip to avoid slipping and falling.

finally tip number five: make sure you’re under proper chiropractic care. This will keep your spine properly aligned for these strong South Dakota winters, a properly aligned spine will lead to proper biomechanics which will Lead to a longer lasting healthy spine.

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